CM visits City Operation Centre

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Nagpur: Heavy rains caused the water in the city of Nagpur is the city of rain throughout the night from Thursday to start. Many households have entered the water. Serpent River, Yellow River, Poher is overflow of the river before. Cities in the Chief Minister Devendra accountant to get the full information about the situation of the whole situation by visiting Nagpur Municipal Corporation of the new administrative imatita City operations center. Given where it is required, and in all places pohocavavi help immediately, before the disaster might aptly vyavasthapanace work, directed by the Chief Minister Devendra accountant administration.

The tyancesobata Nanda distinguished genealogy Mayor, Municipal Standing Committee Chairman V kukreja, opposition leader TANAJI vanave, Additional Chief Secretary Praveen Pardesi, Principal Secretary (Information Technology) esapiara Srinivasan, Collector Ashwin Mudgal, Municipal Commissioner Virendra Singh, smart nda Sustainable City Development Corporation Ltd Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ramnath Sonawane, Additional Commissioner of Police Shivaji bodakhe, Additional Commissioner of Police Ravindra Kumbhare were deposited.
Chief Minister Devendra accountant took the city of Nagpur in the rain situation at this time. Nagpur City operations center is getting information about the situation in the city through the entire three thousand camera's fire in the city. Airport, hotel praidasamorila complex Poher nadimule Sonegaon Police Thana area and Wardha Road houses took place and other information siralele water, padole court, superior court, automotive Square. The ativrstimule in serious condition and gave instructions to keep the entire system for 24 hours on duty. He immediately move on to the citizens of the river by the warning. School, prepare samajabhavana. Help and cooperation of all those, he gave instructions.
Apatakalina system according to the Municipal Commissioner Virendra Singh, Chief Minister Devendra accountant is being sent to help the people there urgently demand is working to help the whole city from. The Smart City Information  
Chief Minister Devendra accountant and an administrative building, Hall said meeting. The meeting of the Sustainable City Development Corporation Ltd. CEO Dr. Smart nda. Ramnath Sonawane said the superior, bharatavada, the city planning information to plan for the preparation of punapura areas under the Smart City Area Based Development. This scheme after famous citizens on the 1 9 8 were objections and suggestions. Information settlement of the 1 9 3 harakatinca Dr. Ramnath Sonawane said.