Project ID:MAH-NAG-008

Name of the Project:Design and construction of Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Sidewalks, MEP works on TenderSURE Concept for ABD area under Nagpur Smart City Project

Category:Development of Core Infrastructure (restricted to ABD)

Sector:Non Motorised Transport and Walkability

Implementing Agency:Yet to be selected.

Impact:Improved walkability

Scheme:Central Scheme

Present Status

  • DPR has prepared and submitted.
  • The same is approved in the BOD held on 14th Apr 18. Subsequently, tender has been floated on 28th April 18. Pre-bid meeting held on 11th May 18 and last date of submission was on 11th June 18 and later extended to 19th Jun 18 & 26th Jun 18. The technical bid has opened on 29th Jun 18. The financial bid has opened on 5th July 2018. The bid evaluation is also completed. LOA has been issued to the selected Agency.
  • Request for Proposal:All Volumes and Bill of Quantities

Area of Development

  • ABD area selected under Nagpur Smart City.

Project Time Period

  • 18 Months

Mode of Implementation

  • P-1 Contract

Project Cost: -(in INR Crores)

  • 629.88Crores