Project Abhay (CCTV, Police Kiosk)

Name of the Project:Master System Integrator(Nagpur Safe and Smart City)

Implementing Agency: M/s Larsen and Toubro Ltd.

Present Status

    • City Network Backbone:- 1045 Kms of Fibre laid down and more than 6000 edge devices are connected through this fibre network - Completed


    • City Wi-Fi:- 136 Wi-Fi hotspots are radiating Wi-Fi signals for Public Usage; - Completed


    • City Surveillance:-
      • CCTV Cameras: 3500+ cameras (Fixed Box, PTZ, multisensor, Dome cameras) are monitored from City Operation Centre - Completed
      • Public Announcement Systems: 56 Public Announcement systems are installed across the city for any emergency or important announcement and same are monitored and controlled from COC - Completed
      • Variable Message Sign Boards(VaMS):49 Variable Message sign Boards (VaMS) are installed across the city and same are monitored and controlled from COC - 4 VaMS pending
      • Mobile Surveillance Vehicle with Drones: 05 Nos of MSVs with Drones are yet to be delivered
      • ANPR: 48 Locations are enabled with ANPR cameras - 18 Locations pending
      • RLVD: 48 Locations are enabled with RLVD cameras - Completed
      • Facial Recognition System (FRS): 20 Locations are enabled with FRS functionality - Completed


    • Smart Strip (from Japanese Garden to Orange City Hospital Square)
      • Smart Transport:-
        • Smart Buses : Monitoring & Tracking of 200+ buses and availability of real time information inside buses along with mobile application for citizens - Completed
        • Smart Bus Stops:15 Bus stops are equipped with infrastructure - 143 bus stops are pending
      • Smart Parking : Wireless Sensor based smart parking system along with Mobile based parking space booking for 69 car parking area - Completed
      • Smart Traffic :Adaptive Traffic Control System at 10 traffic junctions - Completed
      • ICT Enabled Solid Waste Management : Monitoring & Tracking of vehicle (1) and real time management of 10 garbage collection points enabled with 20 smart bins sensors - Completed
      • Environmental Sensors : Environment sensors at 10 Locations to measure and display various environment related critical information along with mobile application for citizens - Completed
      • Smart Lighting : 383 number of Controller & sensor based Smart LED to support automated lighting, sensing and motion detection - Completed


  • Control Centre :-
    • City Operation Center (CoC): with Server Room for Smart City Solutions along with Network Operation Center – Approx. 4000 sq. ft. with total 10 operators and 8x3 video wall - Completed
    • Command Control Center (CCC): for City Surveillance Solution - Approx. 13900 sq. ft. with total 74 operators and 8x4 Video wall - Work in Progress

Features and Components

Module 1: CCTV Surveillance – 700 locations

  • Video Management System (across city)
  • Video Analytics (across city)
  • Facial Recognition System (20 locations)
  • Mobile Vehicle based Surveillance (10 units)
  • Drone based Aerial Surveillance (10 units)


Module 2: Intelligent Traffic Management System

  • Adaptive Traffic Control System (Smart Strip- 10 locations)
  • Public Address System (56 locations)
  • Variable Message Signboards (53 locations)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (64 locations)
  • Red Light Violation Detection (48 locations)
  • Automatic Traffic Count & Classifier (across city)
  • Traffic Violation Detection System (across city)
  • Smart Parking (1 location)


Module 3: WiFi Connectivity (136 locations)

  • WiFi Hotspots across the city
  • Centralized WiFi Management System


Module 4: Digital Governance (65 locations)

  • Kiosk based Service Delivery Platform along with various Transactional (mobility, billing, ticketing etc.), Informative and Navigational Services
  • Centralized Kiosk Service Management System


Module 5: City Network (1200 km)

  • Dedicated fibre based network across the city, which shall serve as the backbone to all the IT system to communicate with the City Operation & Command Control Centre


Module 6: Clean Environment

  • LED based Smart Lights along with Motion and Day Light sensors (400 units)
  • Smart Environment Sensors (10 locations)
  • ICT enabled Solid Waste Management System (20 smart bins) and GPS based waste pick up vehicle tracking
  • Centralised Management & Operation System


Module 7: Smart Transport

  • GPS tracker, PA system, LED display within the buses (400 bus)
  • LED displays at Bus Stops (158 numbers)
  • Centralised Smart Transport Management System


Module 8: City Operation Centre (CoC) & Command Control Centre (CCC)

  • CoC & CCC for civic operations and law enforcement with state of art technology stack and integration platform to facilitate holistic dashboard of the city health
  • Dedicated IT Infrastructure & Applications with adequate redundancy and scalability to address the future needs


Benefits to the citizens

Sr. No.Component NameBenefits to Citizens (effect on livelihood of citizens)
1 City Surveillance
  • Protecting citizens and ensuring public safety.
  • Advanced security solutions to effectively fight threats from activities of terrorism, organized crime, vandalism, burglary, random acts of violence and all other forms of crime.
  • Better Security and Level of Service to Citizens
  • Controlled Voilations
  • Improved internal traffic flow
  • Reducing traffic congestion & emissions
2 City Wi-Fi
  • Seamless digital connectivity to avail G2G (Government to Government) and G2C (Government to citizen) services
  • Free Wi-fi Services for public usage
  • To promote the digital society
3 City Network Backbone
  • Dedicated Fibre Network infrastructure
  • Reliable, robust and redundant network connectivity with sufficient network capacity for current and future bandwidth requirements of Nagpur
  • Dedicated Fibre network for Nagpur City, so that it can scale to multiple urban smart city services in future without any bandwidth or OPEX dependencies on Service provider.
4 CCC and COC
  • Enable Nagpur Municipal corporation to operate, monitor and manage the smart city solutions
  • Viewing and controlling mechanism for the selected field locations
  • A fully automated environment for optimized monitoring
  • Regulation and enforcement of Municipal services
  • Responsive to Demand & Supply
5 Solid Waste Management
  • Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.
  • Real time management of missed garbage collection points
  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste collection bins
  • Route optimization which shall help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations
  • To reduce the human intervention in monitoring process
  • To keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  • To integrate the dumping ground and transfer station facilities with the centralized locations
  • Reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and other Solid Waste Management details to higher authorities from any location at any time
  • Monitor and track the activities of field staff force on daily basis
6 City Kiosk
  • As a move towards an “approachable city administration"
  • These City Kiosks are expected to act as an extended arm of city administration departments
  • Help in connecting with citizens while promoting “anytime services”
  • To Provide following services:
    • Informative Services
    • Public Transport Services
    • Ticketing Support Services
    • Utility Bill payment Services
    • Panic Situation support services
    • G2C and Aaple Sarkar Services

Area of Development

Sr. No.Component NameArea of development
1 City Network backbone Across the City
2 City Wi-Fi Across the City
3 City Surveillance Across the City
4 City Kiosk Across the City
5 Smart Transport Across the City
6 Smart Environment Across the City
7 Smart Traffic Smart Strip (5.6 Kms)
8 ICT Solid Waste Management Smart Strip (5.6 Kms)
9 Smart Parking Opposite to Tuli Imperial Hotel
10 Smart Lighting Smart Strip (5.6 Kms)
11 City Operation Centre (COC) NMC
12 Command Control Centre (CCC) Nagpur Police Special Branch office

Project Time Period

  • 6 years (1 Year for Implementation phase and 5 Years for Operation and Maintenance phase)

Mode of Implementation

  • Awarding Criteria: -L1 Based (Lowest Bid)
  • Project Implementation:
    • Implementation phase - 01 Year
    • Operation and Maintenance phase - 05 Years

Project Cost: - (in INR Crores)

  • Rs. 5,20,64,47,027.00